Loli-cons, Rude Entrances, and Uncomfortable Photos.

When I was in high school, there was this guy (I’ll call him Jay) that had a tremendous crush on me. Jay was indeed an huge weeb, two years older than me, and a lolicon. He called me his “loli”. I’m a very petite, flat chested, skinny korean girl, that fit into his perverted lolita fantasies. Sometimes he would ask me if he could dress me up in different skimpy maid costumes and show me some of the loli hentai he had with him. At other times, he would sit next to me at lunch and pull me away into his uncomfortable embrace, saying “no! my loli!” while I was talking with some friends.  I brushed it off at first thinking it was nothing. Long story short, I got annoyed and I told him upfront that I didn’t like him, and he ended up crying and breaking a few boxes. Because of Jay, my interest in cute anime things, along with watching and reading anime died. I couldn’t get back into it as much cause it reminded me of him so much.

After I graduated high school, we started talking again. I didn’t mind it much and just tried to ignore all of this anime things. I still enjoyed drawing in an anime style occasionally since I’m currently studying illustration in college, so he would ask me for advice here and there. It didn’t bother me much, until the Anime Expo in LA came around the corner.

I love to cosplay even though I don’t watch anime anymore. I just love to dress up, so I bought a ticket to AX. Jay asked me if I was going to cosplay for this upcoming Anime Expo, and I told him that I was going to sport this black gothic dress I bought at a Vintage show.

Jay suddenly got very excited and a bit creepy. He told me that he “needed to see me in that dress” and posted our conversation on his tumblr, stating below that he was pretty sure I wouldn’t allow him to come near me, but that it wouldn’t stop him from trying to stalk me from a close distance. He didn’t even censor my name or my facebook photo in that post.

Luckily, I didn’t run into Jay at the con. I told my friends about him, so we all made sure to steer clear of him.

However, aside from Jay, there were a few things that happened at the con.

I dressed as a Gothic Miku in the black dress and black heels, while my friend dressed as TK from Digimon. TK and I were trying to walk outside, and as we opened the door, we accidentally hit this guy who was trying to get into the building. He had a slightly larger build, dressed in this really crappy trench coat cosplay that I couldn’t figure out, with a naruto headband and was definitely much larger than the two of us. He smashed the door closed on our faces in anger and it actually hit TK in the face. I got really mad so when he came through the door, I demanded that he apologize to my friend, but he just looked at me and yelled “You’re lucky you’re cute, otherwise I would just smashed your face to the floor”.

I was really really peeved for a while, but just brushed it off.

The last creepy thing that happened at the con, I was walking down a hallway with my sister who was dressed as kaito to match me. A guy who looked as though he hadn’t showered in weeks, approached me asking if he could take a photo with me. I didn’t think much of it since I was asked quite frequently throughout the day, so I agreed. He gave the camera to my sister and then he quickly grabbed my waist in a very uncomfortable and invasive hug and rubbed his head into my shoulder. I stood there uncomfortably for a good minute as my sister tried to take the photo as fast as she could, noticing that I was in a panic. After she took the photo and tried to return the camera, he demanded “one more one more photo!” and just continued to hug me in that way.

I felt violated the rest of the afternoon.

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