"My real life futa…" [ tw: cissexism ]

Some back story. I am MTF. Due to the fact that I’m 17, I’m not on any hormones yet. I am, however, blessed with looking fairly feminine naturally (which I’m grateful for). I also do like anime, but not very much. It’s not a huge interest of mine at all.

I have a neighbor. He’s 21 years old. When he moved in, he decided to meet everyone who lived around him, which included my mom and I. He was quite polite during his introduction.

"Hello, ma’am, what’s your son’s name?"

I cringe at the question, but luckily, my mom is very accepting of me. She corrected him, and told him I was transgender. His eyes seemed to… light up at this.

”Oh, okay!” He sounded oddly enthusiastic. He then introduced himself (I’ll call him Dave).

Dave would then frequently visit and tried to get to know me. He’d ask all sorts of questions… some very personal. I also learned that he was a huge fan of anime. I’d often try to discuss anime with him using my limited knowledge to keep him from asking personal questions. This worked for a while. The personal things he eventually learned were that I’m bisexual, do intend on getting a surgery someday, and am a virgin. I shouldn’t have told him all that… I should have stood up for myself, saying that it was invasive.

One day, shit hit the fan. He invited me to his house. I should have said no. I still to this day feel like an idiot for going over there.

When I was there, he described his love for hentai… particularly futa. I was creeped out, to say the least. Every instinct within me was screaming to run away.

"Anyway… I’m so happy to meet you… my real life futa…"

This sent CHILLS down my spine. It was beyond creepy. The creepiest thing I’ve ever heard, actually. He then reached out for me, puckering his lips… when I pretended to get a text.

"Gotta go!" I said frantically, as I ran out the door.

Also… just a word of advice… if someone is a living, breathing version of your fantasy, that’s all well and good, but DON’T harass them. Only act on fantasies with CONSENT. If you like futa, that’s fine! But do NOT harass transgender people because they’re “real life futas”. That’s disgusting, wrong, and degrading.

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