Claire and Kennedy

(DISCLAIMER: This is a story my friend told me after she went to a con)

So my friend went to an anime con a while ago and brought some cosplay of Haruhi in Ouran Host Club and a rin wig and outfit, she isn’t a weeabo but she does love to cosplay.

She went over to some booths to buy some t-shirts as a gift to me and she was in her Haruhi cosplay. Two girls that I will call Kennedy and Claire walked up dressed in some Hitachin twin cosplay. As soon as they saw it was Haruhi cosplay they tried dragging her away as she was paying for the t-shirts. She then told them to stop so she could pay, once she got the bag she got pulled away to another booth filled with Ouran Host club things.

They both said simultaneously “Buy this stuff for us baka!” She then told them to please back off since she wouldn’t do it.

"Fine I guess we’ll have to take you away then!" They tried picking her up, then Kennedy said "We can go back to the hotel and have a threesome!" At this point she was pissed and freaked out so she slapped one of them and called guards, she didn’t see them the rest of the day luckily.

Day 2 at the con she found an old friend of hers who was cosplaying len and that day she put on her rin costume since the Haruhi one smelled gross after being dragged around by rotten potato people. Once they started talking, Kennedy ran over and hid behind someone whisper something then ran away to Claire. They then both came over and yelled “YAY INCEST <3333333.” and before she could say anything they both said “OMG ITS YOU FROM YESTERDAY” and they squealed so loudly. At this point the old friend, lets call him Same. So Same at this point tried to sneak away with my friend. But then Kennedy tackled me down to the ground and Claire got Len and said. “Maybe we could have a harem <3333.” Luckily more security came and tore them off. She left the Con after that day and didn’t see Kennedy and Claire again.

Thank God.

You know, now you are just posting stories written by weeaboos about other weeaboos.

we’re all weeaboos here. i’m a weeaboo. you’re a weeaboo. you must be, otherwise you wouldn’t have come here

Cosplay does not equal consent. EVER!!!

One time I was cosplaying America from Hetalia and was with my three friends, a China, a Russia, and a Wales at Momocon. It was only my second con ever and my first time at Momocon. We were int he Dealer’s Room and it was the Saturday or Sunday, I don’t remember, it’s been a while. My America cosplay was make-shifted because I was too broke to buy the actual cosplay. I didn’t care and was greatly enjoying myself.

Our Russia and Wales got distracted by a DVD vender leaving just me and China together wondering the huge Dealer’s Room. A guy dressed in normal clothes walked up to me and asked for my photograph. I smiled and posed. Afterwards, we got talking. Keep in mind, I was still new to the con environment. He asked me to if the wig was my real hair and I said no and took off my wig. I had my hair up in a bun under the wig and he said I looked pretty. I’m not big on large crowds and strange people so I just said thank you and started backing away with China.

He asked me to come with him to his hotel room and I turned him down. He asked a couple more times and again, I said no. China dragged me away but he followed us. He started touching me and China had to help get us out of that area and back to Russia and Wales. We were only at the DVD stand for a few seconds when arms suddenly wrapped around my shoulders and a mouth pressed against my neck and whispered, “Hey babe, missed you.”

Needless to say, I freaked out. Thankfully, China, Russia, and Wales were able to use their ninja skills and whisk me away. I never saw that guy again. I’m insanely glad I have such amazing friends.

Cosplay does NOT equal consent. EVER!!!

Being Asian Is Dangerous

Story of middle school. I had long-ish hair that I would sometimes put in a side ponytail. I would have normal clothes also. One day, I was actually running a bit late to class and there were 2 or 3 girls staring at my on the other side of the hall way. I kept running to class and ignoring them when one of them started screaming “CHINA ARU!” and then running after me. She then tackled me to the ground and my folder threw up its contents. The bell rang, so I was late too. As I collided with the floor, the sounds of my hip, elbows, and legs hitting the floor were heard through out the hall way. I was ok, but….really?

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Yummy Yuri

In grade 8, I came out to my friends that I was more or less a lesbian. I made it clear that I was only attracted to boys if they were extremely feminine. Me and most of my friends, during that point and time, were really into anime. We were pretty much all smack dab in the middle of our weeaboo phase.

Fast forward a year, and I’m out of that phase, and going to a different high school than my other friends.

After about a week of being friendless, I see this guy that looks like my kind of friend-material. Let’s call him Ro. He’s clean, seems nice, and happens to be wearing a Dave Strider shirt. At that point, I was getting into Homestuck and I figured why not say hey? So I go up to the guy and say, “I really like your shirt!”

He smiles all shy like and smiles, then invites me to sit with him. After a few minutes of talking about Homestuck, a few of his other friends show up (all guys kind of like him). It’s all fine and dandy, until he says, 

"So, do you watch anime?" and I’m like, "yeah, I do. Used to be a huge fan, but these days it’s just a casual thing." He grins all big and I think it’s a bit weird he’s so happy about it but hey, I’d be too if no one else shared my interests.

At this point his friends are looking at me like they’re trying to tell me something, shooting looks at my bag. Wondering what the hell they’re staring at, I look down and see my rainbow “LGBT PRIDE” badge on my bag. Lo and behold, Ro is staring at it too.

"Are you a lesbian?" he asks. I nod, and it all goes to shit.

"OH MY GOSH!" He yells, "That’s sooo cool! I really admire that you, you’re soooo lucky…. I wish I could be a girl so that I could do yuri," he says, practically panting at me. By this point I’m feeling a little weirded out, and his friends look like they knew this was coming and like it happened often.

Then, really loud, he yells, “I HAVE A FRIEND WHO IS INTO YURI, DO YOU WANNA DO YURI WITH HER?” and like, scoots way too close for my comfort and oh my gods I was so uncomfortable. I’m a really quiet but not exactly shy person, and i don’t require a lot of personal space, but this was a bit much. 

The problem with me is that I don’t like hurting people’s feelings. So I don’t really know how to tell this guy that I really want, no NEED him to back the fuck off. So I just smile nervously and say,

"Uhm… I… I have a girlfriend," I say, which isn’t a lie. He says, "Oh, oh! I’m so sorry!" he giggles and looks at me kinda funny, like he’s in on a secret I don’t know, and then just completely goes back to normal. 

I figured that maybe it was something, you know, kinda weird for him, maybe just some one-time thing, so I continue hanging out with him and everything’s normal for a while, till one day he invites me to the movies. I say sure, why not? But then he invites my girlfriend. I don’t know if I’m comfortable with that, but I ask her if she wants to go and she says sure, so off we go on Saturday to the theatre.

We get there and Ro’s practically pacing, looking around for us. When he sees me, his eyes snap to my girlfriend and he grins really wide. I’m a little creeped out, so I pull her a little closer, which was the WRONG thing to do. His eyes get all wide and he licks his lips, and I don’t like that at all. I start to think that this was a bad idea, but my girlfriend (let’s call her Jill) doesn’t really notice. 

Now, the thing about my girlfriend is that she’s MTF, meaning that she’s transgender. She’s pre-everything, but she’s very feminine naturally, and that day she chose to wear a skirt. She’s got on tights underneath because she isn’t confident of her legs, and she looks gorgeous. 

We go into the theatre, and all of a sudden I hear someone yell “AARON!” (name changed) which is Jill’s birth name. I tense up, because I know she really REALLY doesn’t want anything to do with her birth name, and the male pronouns that come with it. And I am /extremely/ protective of my girlfriend.

This guy comes up, laughing. “Aaron, hi! I haven’t seen you in a really long time! How’s it going, man?” he says, totally disregarding her obviously feminine appearance. We’ve run into this guy before, and he’s totally transphobic but really likes Jill as a friend, so he just pretends that she’s NOT trans, which is an EXTREMELY SHITTY THING TO DO. 

Ro looks at us, really confused, and says, “Aaron? Who is Aaron?” and I just try to control myself. I look at the other guy and speak up for Jill, because she doesn’t like confronting people about her gender.

"Look man, can you back off? We’ve explained this to you before, her name is Jill." The guy just narrows his eyes at me and looks at Jill, as if expecting support. She just glares at him and shakes her head, obviously disappointing in him. He stalks off, and Ro turns to us.

"What the hell was that?" he says, looking pretty angry. I look at Jill and she nods, so I explain to him that Jill is transgender, and I’ve never seen someone that angry before.

"What the FUCK?!" he yells, and people are starting to look at us. "I fucking thought you guys were yuri!?" he says, and I grab Jill and start to back away, trying to find some security officers.

Then, he fucking lunges forward and lifts up Jill’s skirt, yelling about how “fucking traps are ruining my yuri” and “I’ve gotta make sure this bitch really has a dick” and I just  FLIPPED THE FUCK OUT. I jump forward and knee him in the balls while screaming for security, and Jill’s sobbing her eyes out. A bunch of random (but heroic) guys rush over and grab Ro, tackling him to the ground while ushering Jill and me out of the theatre. We gave our statement to the police and filed a restraining order, but man.

That’s why you should always be careful if you get bad vibes from people. Some people are fucking jerks

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